Arm your team with information on a caller before a call even begins.

Your call handler should understand which webpage the client called from, which advertising campaign reeled them in, and which product they are most interested in.

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Arm your team with information on a caller before a call even begins. Get Demo

Whisper Message is a tool that equips your sales managers with important information on any lead, to help them convert callers into customers.

Before a potential client is connected to your employee, the system will send over any important data about the call and the caller. Learn where they are calling from and why they are interested in your product or service.

Using this information, your employee will be able to shape their sales pitch accordingly, provide the client with high quality service, and immediately start a relevant conversation.

Use cases for operator prompts:

Use cases for operator prompts: Use cases for operator prompts: Get Demo

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ISAP Network Whisper Messages – A Feature That Helps Businesses Thrive

The key to providing superb customer service is the ability of a business to anticipate the needs, desires, and questions of its potential and existing clients. Knowing what a caller needs or wants before they even get connected to an agent within your company will let your business appear much more professional, well-informed, and thoughtful of the customer’s time. One sure way to achieve this is by implementing a call-tracking feature known as call whisper messaging.

What are whisper messages?

Whisper messaging is a useful piece of virtual PBX and call tracking functionality that allows your customer service reps and sales managers to collect valuable insights on the caller before they pick up the phone. The whisper despairing message feature will provide your agents with essential information on the call source, the marketing channel that brought the lead to you, and even which keyword triggered the call, making the purpose of the call easier to predict and helping your reps do their jobs more effectively.

The key benefits of utilizing a whisper message feature include:

  • Enhanced call handling practices.
  • Optimized call time.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced stress for your call agents.
  • An easy way to measure the success of your marketing efforts.

Why choose the ISAP Network whisper message tool?

ISAP Network Whisper Message feature is designed to provide your call agents with relevant and exhaustive information on the caller, thus enabling them to use personalized scenarios when dealing with each particular lead. Before the prospect even gets to voice their needs and questions, your agents will know in full who the caller is, where they are calling from, which ad channel brought them here, and what their calling purpose likely is.