Analyze every aspect of your communication process.

How many calls do managers make per day? How many calls do you miss every week? How long do clients wait to speak with an operator?

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Statistics and Reporting are a set of tools that allow you to get in-depth data on every phone call to and from your business. Get detailed information using parameters like: “operator name,” “customer phone number,” “date of call,” “call duration,” “call status: received or missed,” whatever is important to YOU.

Any phone call can be listened to or downloaded for further observation. Track calls for a specific employee or for the entire office. Make informed business decisions regarding sales pitches, customer service, and much more.

Some of our killer features

Hire and Monitor Employees from Anywhere

The world is changing rapidly. Remote work is becoming more and more commonplace for many businesses.

But don’t fret, with our reporting tools you can retain full control over the work of your employees in any remote work environment.

Hire and Monitor Employees from Anywhere

Hire and Monitor Employees from Anywhere

Find the Truth in any Call

Are you unable to track how many phone calls your managers actually take per day? Are you unsure if they’re giving the right sales pitch?

With ISAP Network you can not only track every single call your manager makes, but you can listen to, analyze, and improve their call practices.

Find the Truth in any Call

Find the Truth in any Call

Complete Calls Log

View your entire history of phone calls in one window.

Our dashboard allows your team to check and monitor their work, study call data and customer behavior, improve communication processes, and most importantly, increase your sales by learning what works best for your business.

Complete Calls Log

Complete Calls Log

Phone Call Distribution Report

Phone Call Distribution Report

The report presents data that you can view in various, convenient for you, sections.

For example, you can sort them by duration, waiting time for a customer’s response on the line, the fact of an employee’s response, by the number from which (or to which) they are calling, hours and days, distribution scenario.

This information is detailed by specialists, departments and the company as a whole.

Using the report, you can evaluate the quality of processing calls, find problems when receiving calls and ways to eliminate them. For example, is it worth making changes to the staff, how best to distribute the workload, and whether the advertising strategy needs to be revised.

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ISAP Network's PBX Call Reporting Software Takes Call Tracking and Analysis to a Whole New Level

Monitoring your call statistics and pbx reports is a crucial part of measuring your progress as a company. Equipping your business with advanced inbound and outbound calls reporting tools will increase the effectiveness and ROI of your advertising campaigns and marketing efforts, as well as make sure that your employees comply with the company’s regulations and perform at 100% of their potential even when they are working remotely.

By using the right pbx call reporting software pbx, you will know how many calls your agents place and receive per day, how many calls or web form requests from your business leads go unanswered and why, which channels bring in the highest quality leads, and which ones drain your budgets without giving you much in return.

You will also be able to measure how efficiently your operators and managers conduct their calls with your customers and whether they use the correct language and keywords. You will see which of them fail to meet their KPIs and can schedule additional training if needed.

What is ISAP Network pbx call reporting software?

ISAP Network is an advanced call-tracking solution with powerful pbx call reporting and analysis capabilities. By utilizing this robust set of tools, you will get quick and easy access to tons of useful information on each business call made to and from your company. Based on the data included in pbx flash call reports by ISAP Network, you can get a better understanding of how well your business is performing, how efficient your managers and how motivated your customers are.

The use of the ISAP Network software will also provide relevant insights into your customers’ most frequent phone call behaviors – information that can help you optimize your call center scenarios and staff training practices. The ISAP Network's call report pbx meaning and value can hardly be overestimated, as it can greatly improve and facilitate your company’s business processes.

Why should businesses use ISAP Network's call reporting functionality?

There are multiple benefits a business can derive from using ISAP Network's call tracking and reporting options. Below are some of the most prominent ISAP Network features your company will most certainly enjoy:

  • Recording and detailed reporting on each business call.

All your company calls are recorded, stored, and analyzed promptly by the system. You or your managers can get detailed information on each conversation, including where the call came from, who initiated it, when it occurred, how long it lasted, which of your agents handled the call and more.

  • Advanced filtering capabilities.

Due to the advanced filtering options, ISAP Network allows you to sort out your company calls by various criteria. You get to monitor calls for a specific operator, team, customer, date, keyword, etc.

If the number of missed or dropped calls for a particular remote-working manager is too big, you will have the chance to find the underlying cause of the problem and fix the issue before it starts affecting your business reputation.

  • Quick integration with your business-management software products.

The ISAP Network business call-tracking and reporting solution easily syncs with your team’s CRM and other business management tools. No need to copy-paste this information manually, risking losing something important in the process of data transfer. Whatever call-related info ISAP Network captures, it saves and shares with your CRM within seconds.

ISAP Network simplifies and enhances every aspect of your business communications and gives you more options for timely and effective monitoring and response.