Have any repeat caller speak to the SAME manager they spoke to last time.

Your client will never have to repeat information, establish a new rapport, or look for an order number.

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Have any repeat caller speak to the SAME manager they spoke to last time. Get Demo

Last Manager is a Call Scenario operation that allows you to connect any customer with the employee with whom the customer spoke to in their previous interaction with your company.

Often a new client needs to clarify information – either the details of a delivery, payment for an order, any lingering questions or concerns. Make it simple for the caller and save your employees’ work time. Automatically connect callers with employees they already talked with.

Ensure your clients don’t waste anyone’s time searching for order information or re-describing a situation, by enabling the Last Manager option.

Some of our killer features

Reduce Call Handling Time

With the Last Manager option, any incoming call is being checked whether the caller’s number already exists in the ISAP Network database or not.

If it finds a match, the system will treat this caller as a repeat customer and connect it with previous interaction data, i.e., the right employee.

Reduce Call Handling Time

Reduce Call Handling Time

Simplify Customer Communication

A high customer satisfaction rate is one of nearly every companies’ KPIs.

The Last Manager option is an additional opportunity to make a great impression on your client.

By connecting them to an employee they already have a relationship with, you increase trust, familiarity, and deliver a personalized approach.

Simplify Customer Communication

Simplify Customer Communication

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