Save time by automatically distributing incoming calls to the right person.

Ensure your quality leads get sent to the appropriate department. Increase your conversion rate and optimize everyone’s time.

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Save time by automatically distributing incoming calls to the right person. Get Demo

Voice Menu (IVR, Interactive Voice Response) is a system of pre-recorded voice messages that can be customized to any business.

A caller will hear a welcome message from your company and a series of options to choose from. A specific choice is made on their phone keypad.

After they choose, the conversation will continue depending on the scenario your company pre-configures in the system. For example, in most cases, the caller will be connected to a sales or customer support team member.

Simple, straightforward options

A caller wants their request completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. You need to give them clear, understandable options right off the bat. A simple greeting (Voice Greeting) may be enough if they want to know your hours of operation or a company update.

However, if there are several typical requests, it’s essential to give the client the right options to choose from. Voice menu items should be short, and cover any questions that a current or potential client might have.

Simple, straightforward options

Simple, straightforward options

How do you know which options to give callers?

By listening to, transcribing, and analyzing your phone calls, you can discover repeated keywords or phrases your callers use. For example, you may discover ‘Product A’ receives the most support calls.

You can then readjust your IVR menu items according to the real needs of customers calling your business.

How do you know which options to give callers?

How do you know which options to give callers?

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Manage Your Incoming Calls Effortlessly with the IVR System Call Center Solution by ISAP Network

Customers of today are worlds apart from the clients that businesses used to have just a couple of decades ago. Well informed and discerning, they know what their needs are, value their time, and want to make every penny they pay for your products or services worthwhile. When reaching out to you by phone, they demand nothing less than the very top-notch customer experience, as well as quick and efficient support with any questions or concerns they have.

A single missed or unreturned call, a longer-than-expected waiting time, or a poorly written welcome message is enough to make your leads drop your company for good and set off looking for another business that would provide them with better quality service.

Considering the above, entrepreneurs have no other choice but to invest in the very best modern technologies that could help them retain customers and keep them happy at all times. One such tech solution, in particular, is the interactive voice response system by ISAP Network that allows you to greatly increase the efficiency of your inbound call handling processes and ensure your clients receive excellent and timely support from your employees whenever they call.

What is an ivr system by ISAP Network?

Once your advertising and lead generation efforts finally start to pay off, inducing an avalanche of phone calls from people who are interested in your products or services, the ivr system call center solution by ISAP Network is a tool you will want to have in your arsenal to simplify and streamline the call-processing experience.

When looking for the best ivr system to facilitate the work of your contact center or other departments, you want this product to be functional, manageable, flexible, and cost-efficient. Those are precisely the qualities ISAP Network IVR is praised for by its numerous customers worldwide. The ivr system is easy to set up and can be customized to meet the needs of any business. Also, despite its powerful functionality, the solution is surprisingly straightforward, so neither your employees nor your customers will have a hard time using it.

Unlike many of its close rivals, ISAP Network IVR is a very budget-friendly pick. Some ivr systems cost dollars to install and support. They come in fixed packages bundled with the functionality your business may not need at all or, on the contrary, offer you the bare minimum of features and have you pay a premium for any add-on you choose.

ISAP Network operates on the pay-for-what-you-need model, meaning that, from the very start, you can customize your package to include only the features your business currently requires and upgrade it quickly when your demands change. Scalability is one of the most essential benefits of all ISAP Network products and something you cannot easily find in other places.

What are the key advantages of ISAP Network IVR?

There are many wonderful ways in which an advanced call-handling IVR technology such as ISAP Network can benefit a modern business and help it develop and prosper. Here are just a few perks the ISAP Network Voice Menu system will bring to the table:

  1. Сustomize your phone communications with your customers.

ISAP Network IVR allows you to use pre-recorded personalized messages such as greetings and prompts to provide your customers with a more unique and memorable phone call experience.

  1. Helps present your company to new inbound leads.

Don’t rely on your website alone to introduce your company to new customers. Your IVR messages can provide plenty of useful information about your business, too. Use the technology to inform clients about your business hours or announce an upcoming special offer that is too good to miss!

  1.  Сonnect your clients to the right people within your company.

Based on a customer’s individual needs and after analyzing the IVR input made by them, the system will transfer their call to the most appropriate available employee within your company. Routing calls can help reduce transfers, minimize the number of missed or dropped calls, and avoid the confusion associated with a call ending up in the wrong department.