Collect and analyze data on phone calls and customers.

Get reliable insights based on accurate call data. Learn from these reports and improve your communication and marketing.

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Collect and analyze data on phone calls and customers. Get Demo

Analytics reports of incoming calls and form requests help you analyze the effectiveness of all customer acquisition activities. Get all data starting from the initial marketing source they came from to the conversion.

How many calls and requests have you received? At what cost? How much revenue does each channel generate? Is advertising on Google Ads cost effective? Should you scale Facebook Ads?

View a complete history of each customer from the first visit to the last purchase and make informed, impactful business decisions.

Acquisition Report

Analyze the number of calls generated from each advertising campaign or source, including social media, Google, offline ads, etc.

Analyze the effectiveness of your websites and webpages. Track findings and compare different seasons, days of the week, times of the day, and more.

Identify traffic generating queries and stop wasting spend on inneffective channels.

Audience Research Reports: Collect customer data on geography, devices, browsers, and more.

Acquisition Report

Acquisition Report Acquisition Report

Website Visitor & Caller Data

Any time a form is submitted on your website or an inbound call is received, an individual contact card will be created in your ISAP Network account for that person.

You will be able to track:

User visit source
Search engine, key query
Advertising campaign / announcement
Demographic data
Device type, browser
Session duration
Actions on the site

Website Visitor & Caller Data

Website Visitor & Caller Data Website Visitor & Caller Data

End-to-End Analytics Reporting

from money at the beginning

(advertising costs)

to money at the end

(sales proceeds)

in one report!

  • One report in your ISAP Network account will link ad campaigns, keywords, site visits, online and offline sales, and detailed transactions.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of contextual advertising on the level of advertising campaigns, individual ads, their groups and keywords.
  • Evaluate the impact of changes in advertising campaigns in real-time.
  • Review key advertising performance indicators. Monitor your return on advertising campaigns daily.
  • Automatically calculate advertising performance indicators: cost per click, site visit, application, conversion from application to sale, ROI and more.
  • Know how much it costs to acquire a customer and optimize your marketing budget.

Deals Report

This report allows you to see:

  • When the deal was closed
  • Request type
  • Advertising campaign that generated this deal
  • Keywords used to attract clients
  • Deal value/details

Deals Report Deals Report

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