Open a virtual office, anywhere in the world.

Launch a phone line in any country or region without leaving your office. Use local numbers in any area you conduct business in with virtual phone numbers from ISAP Network.

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A virtual number is a regular phone number that we connect to your account in a couple of hours. To make and receive calls, all you need is a stable Internet connection or a cellular connection from any operator.

You can make calls via desktop or web – application, IOS / Android mobile app, or SIP-phone. No wires, expensive equipment, or ‘office’ is required.

In addition to making phone calls from anywhere, you’ll also get the extensive benefits of using a Virtual PBX: call recording, call forwarding, voice menu (IVR), call tracking, and all other tools that ISAP Network provides in order to help you improve your business processes.

You get all
the additional benefits
of using a Virtual PBX:

Call recording

Call recording

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Call forwarding

Call forwarding

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Voice menu

Voice menu

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Phone numbers in 100+ countries

ISAP Network will allow you to make calls from your ‘virtual office’ in more than 100 countries around the world.

Search in our database for which countries we support and pick the right phone numbers for your growing business.

Phone numbers in 100+ countries

Phone numbers in 100+ countries


We have a large number of satisfied customers in these major regions who have profited from ISAP Network’s unmatched call quality.

Popular destinations Popular destinations

Integration with your CRMs

We have various integration schemes & customizable solutions for Your Company. We can integrate our software with all of the following tools:

Integrate with Hubspot
Integrate with Zoho
Integrate with Pepedrive
Integrate with Amocrm
Integrate with Bitrix24

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Grow Your Global Presence with a Virtual Phone Number from ISAP Network

For a company to succeed, it has to be always available to its customers, regardless of their location or time zone. Even though there are emails, live chats, and texts to help people reach out to each other, phone calls remain the most popular communication tool that gives people the sense of connectedness that no other technology can match.

Many small-to-medium businesses assume that having a landline phone number is enough to cover their communications demands. However, at some point, the majority of conventional lines stop coping with the increasing                volume of business and customer calls. Not being able to reach you fast enough or at all over the phone makes for a displeased customer and will eventually cost you money in terms of lost profit.

This is where a virtual business phone number can come in handy. A virtual number will facilitate your communications and make conducting business abroad a lot easier. Having a local virtual phone number on your website will instill confidence in your brand and give your customers the impression of dealing with a large international enterprise with representative offices around the world.

Why go virtual with your phone communications?


Traditional landline phone numbers utilize a restrictive technology that physically ties them to a specific location or device. Such numbers can no longer keep up with the demands and needs of modern businesses since they only allow handling communications in a way that is static and outdated.

A virtual phone number provides users with much more freedom of choice. This technology allows them to be more flexible in deciding how they want to manage their phone calls – via desktop, laptop, or web apps, using their mobile devices or VoIP clients. A virtual telephone line does not rely on cables, wires, costly equipment to operate; it only needs a stable cellular or Internet connection.

Here is how setting up a virtual telephone line can benefit your growing business:

Unite your scattered workforce with a single virtual landline for business.


Companies whose offices operate in multiple locations often suffer from disconnect and inconsistent communication between their workforce. Uniting your teams or whole departments from different locations with a single virtual business phone number can help improve task micromanagement a great deal.

Embrace the unique potential of remote working.

One of the greatest benefits of setting up a virtual phone service and having a virtual phone number is that, with their help, a company can offer its employees the option of working remotely. With all the amazing call management and control features like call forwarding, call transfer, and call blocking, your employees will be able to continue to do their jobs effectively even when working from home.
If you also happen to be a strong BYOD (bring your own device to work) supporter, establishing a virtual phone service will open up unique cost-saving opportunities for your business.

Scale up your headhunting practices.

With all the remote working capabilities enabled by the use of virtual phone service technology, you can now start searching for talents internationally. Top-tier professionals from all over the world can work for you even if they are physically thousands of miles away.

Use a virtual phone number to measure the performance of your sales and marketing efforts.

By attaching a separate virtual number to a marketing campaign, you will get a better understanding of how successful and consistent your efforts are. It will provide you with crucial data on the number of calls, generated leads, customer inquiries, and allow you to see significant market patterns that impact your business performance.

A virtual business line – a new way to manage phone communications


Among the many different virtual number solutions available today, products offered by the virtual phone number provider ISAP Network are widely recognized for their superb functionality and reliability. The ISAP Network software accommodates the call processing needs of small and large businesses alike. This virtual telephone call solution can be set up to work in over 100 countries of the world and will deliver consistently excellent call quality, making you and your customers happy.
On top of handling your inbound business calls in a way that is most comfortable for you, ISAP Network virtual PBX service offers multiple other features you will surely enjoy, such as interactive voice response (IVR), call forwarding, call recording, call tracking, and other exciting capabilities. The flexible virtual phone price range is another crucial advantage of ISAP Network. With four different subscription plans to choose from, you will easily find the option that fits your business needs in full.
Whether you are looking to make your business phone communications more efficient by adding a virtual second phone number to the existing landline one or you want to get a unique virtual private number that only a few most important customers and partners will know, ISAP Network is your go-to technology.

Give ISAP Network a try today to see how much more flexible and effective your business communications can become. ISAP Network is a solution designed for company owners who seek to ensure the best possible phone call experience for their customers!