Record and analyze every business call without additional equipment.

Control your quality of service, analyze customer needs, and train employees to form the perfect sales pitch.

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Record and analyze every  business call without additional equipment. Get Demo

Call recording is a simple and useful virtual telephony feature that can help your company learn valuable information to improve your processes.

Whether the call is on your computer, mobile phone, SIP-phone or through our application, we will record, save, and send you the call immediately after the conversation. All conversations will be available in your Calls Log.

Some of our killer features

Improve your Quality of Service

When you record and analyze phone calls, you can monitor the interactions between your customers, managers, and support staff. Doing so can help you identify the highest performing departments and salespeople, the highest converting customers, and the most occuring customer issues.

You can then adjust your strategy accordingly to optimize your communication processes and increase sales.

Improve your Quality of Service

Improve your Quality of Service

Continuously Improve your Marketing Efforts

A potential customer who calls is a valuable resource for your marketing department.

Recorded calls and the ability to listen to customer conversations with employees can help you reshape your ad campaigns.

As long as your marketing team regularly listens to what your customers are saying, they will be armed with the information they need to effectively market to your target audience.

Continuously Improve your Marketing Efforts

Continuously Improve your Marketing Efforts

Monitor and Improve Employee Performance

With the help of phone recordings, not only will you discover how well your employees handle customer requests, but you will also understand which sales pitches aren’t converting, and which are the most effective for closing deals.

Without call recording, your sales training is dependent on manual note taking and caller memory, which increases chances of human error.

If you want to get the most out of your customer conversations, have your employees listen to successful pitches and repeat those same strategies that have proven to be effective.

Monitor and Improve Employee Performance

Monitor and Improve Employee Performance

Resolve Customer Issues and Stop Them from Repeating

In every business, there are always going to be misunderstandings between employees and customers.

By listening to call recordings, you can figure out when and why these misunderstands occur most. Which product triggers the most questions? What are customers angry about?

You can then make impactful business decisions and train employees to ensure these issues do not repeat.

Resolve Customer Issues and Stop Them from Repeating

Resolve Customer Issues and Stop Them from Repeating

Reduce Information Leaks and Staff Misconduct

When all communication between employees and customers are recorded and analyzed in our Virtual PBX, the chance of information being leaked is greatly reduced.

Every conversation can be tracked down to a specific time, word, subject or issue.

Your business can experience complete transparency.

Reduce Information Leaks and Staff Misconduct

Reduce Information Leaks and  Staff Misconduct

How do we use Call Recording ourselves?

In our business we actively use call recordings to better understand our customers and employees every day. The strategies below are suitable for almost any business, including ours.

– We train employees based on our call records. We listen to the most effective sales pitches, and have new employees study those interactions.

– We improve our website by analyzing customer conversations and understanding where we might be able to optimize.

– We never miss an issue or complaint from a customer, and are constantly iterating to stop these issuess from happening altogether.

In addition, all phone records are synchronized with our CRM and pulled into a client card. Our managers have access to every conversation with that customer and will reach out with the right information for that specific person.

Reduce Information Leaks and  Staff Misconduct

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Streamline Your Marketing Efforts with ISAP Network Call Recording Feature

Given the broad array of digital communication channels that we have now – emails, texts, live chats, you would think no one was using phones anymore to call up a business to make an inquiry or discuss an issue. Yet, the available statistics show that over 60% of all searches from a mobile device result in phone calls, and around 65% of the world’s largest companies name telephone calls their primary source of lead generation.

Nothing beats a regular phone call conversation in its ability to connect businesses and customers on a more personal level and in a much shorter span of time. People just tend to feel more comfortable, relaxed, and willing to share and receive information over the phone, and that is something all business owners need to keep in mind when they are planning on which communication channels to prioritize and invest in.

And just like any modern business cannot be truly efficient without implementing a virtual PBX system, it will not fully thrive unless it leverages all the benefits that come with having a virtual phone number. One such benefit, in particular, is the ability to record phone calls and monitor interactions that take place between your customers and employees.

What is call recording used for?


Audio call recording is a great telephony feature that any business owner can benefit from. The feature works by capturing all audio and screen activity associated with telephone calls made to and from a virtual phone number. Using this functionality, you can easily record incoming calls from your customers, monitor how your agents communicate with the clients, analyze the effectiveness of pitches your salespeople give and make the whole phone time experience worthwhile.

By utilizing the recording call recording feature, you can have a manifold increase in your employees’ performance, train new staff to deliver pitches that sell best, identify communication patterns that damage your business reputation, and fine-tune all of your business processes in general. To record cell phone calls not only helps to organize your call logs and set right the client card records within your CRM, but it also serves as an excellent business analytics tool that can boost the efficiency of your campaigns and increase your ROI.

Is it legal?


It is legal to record business-related phone call activity, such as your sales managers’ conversations with your customers, when both parties have agreed to have their phone calls recorded.

Benefits of using the audio call recording feature by ISAP Network


Another important question that business owners often ask when they consider introducing the call recording functionality into their record-keeping systems is “Which product will best meet my phone call recording needs?” Luckily, this is the kind of question there is an easy answer to – it is ISAP Network!

ISAP Network is a multi-feature call tracking and virtual PBX solution that allows taking your communication with your customers to a whole new level. It is designed to add quality, clarity, and depth to your business communications, make your phone call interactions with your clients and partners more meaningful and ultimately refine your business processes.

Call recording is one of the most valuable features of the ISAP Network software. It works smoothly with whatever device you are using to make calls – desktop computers, laptops, web applications, SIP phones, or mobile phones. The feature will record a telephone call on these devices, save it, and send it to the user once the conversation is over. These records can be synchronized with your CRM where your managers can easily access them to quickly find the information they need.