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ISAP Network is a digital business tool that will help you build and optimize a modern virtual telephone service over the Internet. Customize your phone system and use calls to evaluate your marketing campaigns.

Clients in the Real Estate industry are among our top priorities. We know exactly what value we can bring you, and have seen drastic improvements.

Some of our killer features

Transparent, Scalable Communication Systems

ISAP Network will help you establish high-quality telephone communications for your business.

Your business will get a complete picture of all calls both inbound from customers, and outbound from your agents.

How many calls are made per day? What is their conversion rate? What can you do better?

Transparent, Scalable Communication Systems

Transparent, Scalable Communication Systems

Reduce Call Center costs by moving your system outside of the UAE.

Relocating a call center to a country with a lower wage cost is a very common way companies in the Real Estate industry use our service.

Without the use of additional expensive equipment, your employees working remotely will be able to call from the UAE and receive incoming calls to your numbers in the UAE. Moreover, they themselves may be in India, Pakistan or, for example, in Egypt. They only need an internet connection and a computer or smartphone to appear as a UAE company.

In addition to the basic functionality, you will receive detailed statistics on calls, call recordings, and other useful functions of our service. It only takes a few hours to connect and launch the product.

Reduce Call Center costs by moving your system outside of the UAE.

Reduce Call Center costs by moving your system outside of the UAE.

Get Detailed Statistics on the Communication of your Employees

Our clients in Real Estate usually have significantly more than five employees both making and receiving phone calls. If you have more than five employees, you need accurate reporting on their successes, mistakes, and ways they can improve.

All information about your phone calls will be available in one window as soon as you connect the ISAP Network Virtual PBX. A clear picture of how many calls your employees make, how much time they spend on the line, how many incoming calls they miss, etc., will all be available to you.

ISAP Network answers any question you have about phone calls. All calls will be recorded and saved in your personal account, so you can listen back any time, and learn from your past conversations.

Get Detailed Statistics on the Communication of your Employees

Get Detailed Statistics on the Communication of your Employees

Respond to any Website Request in less than 30 seconds

The Web Form Auto Callback is a function that will automatically call your manager and the client who left a request through the form on the website, simultaneously. Within 30 seconds, your team will be on the phone with a potential client.

Immediately after receiving an inquiry from the site, our service calls your manager and informs them of details about upcoming conversation using the Whisper Messages.

Once they have background on the customer, the service connects your employee with the client, and they’ll be prepared to close the deal.

Respond to any Website Request in less than 30 seconds

Respond to any Website Request in less than 30 seconds

Eliminate the Possibility of Fraud

Unfortunately, our Real Estate clients sometimes encounter inappropriate behavior from their own employees. Sometimes consultants make deals with clients outside of the business.

By connecting ISAP Network you will have call logs, call records, and analytical reports on your employee conversations and performance. This will significantly reduce the risk of unfair behavior on the part of your employees.

In any controversial situation, you can simply listen to the recording of the conversation and determine exactly what happened. You can then make business decisions accordingly.

Eliminate the Possibility of Fraud

Eliminate the Possibility of Fraud

ISAP Network
with your CRM

CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’ system.

With ISAP Network, all communications with clients are collected in contact cards. All transactions are visible in one easy-to-use dashboard.

CRMs such as HubSpot, B24 and AmoCrm are gaining popularity in Dubai. We have implemented native integrations with each one of them.

We can then transfer all data on calls and requests in ISAP Network to your company’s CRM. You will see the entire history of communication with a client in one window, and you will also be able to call clients directly from your CRM.

Integrate with Hubspot
Integrate with Zapier
Integrate with Zoho
Integrate with Pepedrive
Integrate with Amocrm
Integrate with Bitrix24

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ISAP Network Real Estate Lead Generator – A Solution That Will Boost Sales

Real estate is one of the fastest-growing industries that offers tons of lucrative opportunities to its participants. This is especially true for the real estate businesses in counties like the United Arab Emirates, where thousands of people come to sell, buy, and lease luxurious property every day. However, the more promising and financially rewarding an area of business is, the more intense the competition there.

For a real estate company to succeed and thrive, it has to employ the most effective strategies and tactics and utilize the best technologies and software solutions available in the market. One of the tools every housing agency can benefit from is a real estate lead generator. The most advanced lead generation tools will allow you quickly to fill your marketing funnel with plenty of quality seller and buyer leads, meaning you will be able to concentrate your efforts on finding real estate property for your customers, instead of spending your valuable and limited time, searching for new clients.

What is online lead generation?

First things first, let us set the key terminology straight and define the main concepts used in this business:

Online lead generation implies a marketing process of discovering prospective customers and promoting their interest in and need for the products or services that your business has to offer – all with the help of digital instruments and using various online platforms, such as your website, landing pages, and social media networks.

A lead is a company or person that takes an interest in the products or services offered by the seller. Finally, a lead generator is a software tool that enables and facilitates the process of acquiring new leads over the Internet. Having such lead systems and tools installed on your company website helps convert regular visitors to your platform into prospective clients and – later – into buying customers.

By listing lead generation benefits for a modern real estate business, we hope to help you decide if a lead generator is a sensible investment that will make the work of your marketing and sales teams easier and more streamlined.

Here are some unbeatable advantages of using lead generation solutions:

  1. Promote your brand awareness.

You may think everyone has heard of your business and the top-notch services you provide. The truth is, however, if your company name is not among the first few to be spotted when the customer starts searching, your market exposure leaves a lot to be desired.

Investing in one of the top real estate lead generation tools should increase your brand recognition within the target market and help educate local and international customers about your products and services.

  1. Generate more sales and profits.

By using lead gen programs to target the right leads at the right time, your business stands a much better chance of converting prospects into full-grown customers. More customers will result in more sales and, by extension, more profits for your business.

  1. Target quality leads only.

Lead generation allows businesses to zero in on and target the most desired and prospective audience. Using lead generators, you can find the highest quality real estate agent leads, while saving money on advertising to people who have little interest in your products and services.

  1. Optimize marketing spend and improve ROI.

Lead generation helps companies single out the most promising target customers and concentrate all marketing efforts on the people who genuinely want and need their products or services. This will allow business owners to stop wasting their marketing budgets on campaigns and strategies that are ineffective.

  1. Get better insights into your target audiences.

Using different registration forms and other lead gen tools, companies can easily collect some very helpful information about their potential customers and create powerful databases for future reference.

Why use ISAP Network Real Estate Lead Generation tool?

ISAP Network Real Estate Lead Generation is a simple, yet powerful digital tool that allows you to beat your closest competition to the punch by being the first to respond to your customers’ needs and desires. With its help, you will be able to create an advanced virtual telephone service, customize your telecom system to meet the unique needs of your business, and use phone calls as powerful tools to evaluate the success of your marketing efforts.

Real estate businesses in the UAE and other countries choose ISAP Network solutions because they help save significantly on contact center expenses, streamline communications within and outside the company, and add revolutionary value to marketing and business activities.