Automatically segment incoming calls and requests by keywords and phrases.

Analyze client behavior and readjust your advertising channels based on your findings. Improve the company's overall business processes.

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Automatically segment incoming calls and requests by keywords and phrases. Get Demo

SmartScoring is the process of tagging calls and webform requests based on specified keywords and phrases. The settings are set in the ISAP Network account by YOU and are then organized automatically.

In the conditions of SmartScoring, you can indicate who said, or wrote, a certain word or phrase – whether it’s an operator or a visitor. You can also determine the website or channel on which the communication took place.

The SmartScoring tool is effective immediately after the end of the conversation.

Some of our killer features

Assess your Quality of Traffic

By segmenting the requests according to the necessary criteria, you can find the marketing channels from which incoming requests are more valuable to your business.

Say for example, requests from Google have a much higher conversion rate than Facebook.

You would then focus more spend on Google, and cut spend on Facebook, optimizing your budget.

Assess your Quality of Traffic

Assess your Quality of Traffic

Monitor Employee Compliance

SmartScoring will allow you to ensure that employees are complying with company regulations.

For example, in every dialogue with a client, a specific greeting must be mentioned at the beginning of the conversation.

Having set up this rule, you can find calls in which the manager violated the company’s internal regulations, and take necessary action.

Monitor Employee Compliance

Monitor Employee Compliance

Efficient Organization of Conversations

Set up specific rules for tagging calls in any specific situations that interest YOU.

For example, customize a tag labeled “Expensive.” Examine the calls in which the client says the word ‘expensive’ and understand the reason for this behavior.

Perhaps your managers are not communicating product value well, or perhaps you should consider lowering your price point. Either way, learn from your customers and improve your business!

Efficient Organization of Conversations

Efficient Organization of Conversations

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Inbound Analytics Smart Scoring – Track Your Incoming Call Traffic and Communications with Ease

You pour thousands of dollars into various marketing efforts, ad campaigns, lead generation tactics, and staff training activities. Still, how do you know which of these genuinely benefit your business, creating just the right volume and quality of incoming traffic, and which ones dry up your budgets without having anything to show for it?

ISAP Network is a simple online tool with interactive call-processing options and many helpful features for advanced marketing analytics. It is designed for companies that seek an affordable instrument to improve their overall performance, cut unnecessary spendings, facilitate business operations across every department, and ensure their customers are perfectly content with the services they provide.

How does ISAP Network's call analytics software assist businesses?

A safe way to see which of your marketing and advertising efforts pay off the best by bringing in the most inbound phone call traffic is to employ a capable call tracking analytics solution by ISAP Network. One feature, in particular, that you should be interested in when using the ISAP Network product is Inbound Analytics Smart Scoring.

SmartScoring is a helpful function that allows tracking your traffic and communications more successfully. You or your managers can use this feature to tag incoming calls and web form requests with specific keywords, segment these by key phrases to analyze which channels your customers are using to find your company, and draw on such findings to re-adjust your advertising and marketing strategies for maximum spend efficiency.

As soon as the phone call with the customer is over, all key information on it will appear on ISAP Network's call center analytics dashboard. Here you can see who the call came from, which channel was used, and what call center scenario was applied. By using the SmartScoring call center analytics tool, you can tag conversations with specific operators or managers and get back to them whenever you want to assess the progress your employees are making.

Where can SmartScoring by ISAP Network help most?

SmartScoring is ISAP Network's killer functionality that makes work a lot easier for many employees across various departments. Here are just a few examples of how it can benefit your company:

  1. SmartScoring helps traffic and lead gen managers do their work more effectively.

Not knowing where your best leads are coming from is like hoping to win a game whose rules, requirements, or even the exact number of players are kept secret. To be effective in your marketing efforts, you need to clearly understand which channels generate incoming calls and requests with the highest conversion rate.

SmartScoring can help you with this by segmenting all calls and requests according to the specific criteria set by you. You will see plain as a day what marketing channels should be funded more generously and which spends can be optimized.

  1. SmartScoring helps improve your employees’ performance and compliance.

SmartScoring helps ensure your employees comply with the rules and regulations established by you. By tagging your operators’ calls with customers, you can analyze how successful each such conversation was, whether or not your employee used the required words and phrases during it, and how well the customer responded. If needed, you can take quick action soon after the conversation is over.

  1. SmartScoring allows you to set your own rules of tagging.

The solution is fully customizable, meaning you can easily adjust its parameters to meet your current business and managing needs. You want to know what causes your customers to behave in a certain way, say, use the word “expensive” a lot when referring to one of your products? You tag all relevant conversations and see if you can spot a pattern that will explain it.

SmartScoring will help you determine and eliminate the scare-off point for your clients, whether it is a poorly structured selling pitch, an ill-trained customer support manager, or an unreasonably high price tag. Whichever it is, your customers will help you fix it even without realizing so!