Optimize your ad budget with advanced analytics and reporting.

Find out which ad campaigns work best for you, and cut spend on the ones that don’t generate enough business. Significantly increase your marketing ROI.

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Optimize your ad budget with advanced analytics and reporting. Get Demo

Inbound analytics in action:

Get more clients without increasing your advertising budget
Continuously improve your marketing ROI
Reduce the cost of generating leads from every marketing channel

Inbound Analytics are a set of tools that help you analyze incoming calls and requests through your web forms. This information allows you to effectively allocate your advertising budget, store customer history, and synchronize all data with your CRM.

With this tool you will minimize the human error that occurs when processing requests.

All data is displayed in easy-to-analyze reports, with the ability to import additional data via API.

More advanced features:

Form Tracking

No requests or leads that come through your website will ever get lost in your inbox again.

All data will be automatically saved in the ISAP Network account and instantly added to your CRM for immediate processing and outreach to the client.

Form Tracking

Form Tracking

Call Tracking

Stop spending your marketing budget on ineffective advertising.

Through your phone calls, we can show you exactly which channels are generating the most leads, so you can optimize every marketing dollar spent.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Statistics and Reporting

Analyze which advertising channels bring in the most form requests and calls.

Measure the quality of leads, the performance of your employees, and conversations with clients.

Display important metrics in our easy-to-use dashboards.

Statistics and Reporting

Statistics and Reporting

Inbound Notifications

Get notified right away of every interaction that matters to your business.

Set up notifications about all important events made by your clients or employees. Receive messages instantly through your communication channels.

Inbound Notifications

Inbound Notifications


Evaluate the quality of your leads and organize them in real time.

By adding specific tags to each lead or client and analyzing that information, you’ll be able to see extremely useful data on which ads generate the highest converting leads, who your target customer is, and more.



And even more:

Smart Tag

Combined with speech analytics, Smart Tag allows you to automatically add tags and categorize all calls depending on your business goals.
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Smart Tag


Display important metrics for your business in simple visual panels. All data will be updated online in real time.



Supplement your CRM data with information from ISAP Network.
Enrich your ad data with business metrics.

Integrate with Hubspot
Integrate with Zapier
Integrate with AmoCrm
Integrate with Bitrix24
Integrate with Zoho
Integrate with Pepedrive
Integrate with Google Ads
Integrate with Instagramm


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Inbound Analytics Smart Scoring – Track Your Incoming Call Traffic and Communications with Ease

Inbound Analytics Smart Scoring – Track Your Incoming Call Traffic and Communications with Ease

You pour thousands of dollars into various marketing efforts, ad campaigns, lead generation tactics, and staff training activities. Still, how do you know which of these genuinely benefit your business, creating just the right volume and quality of incoming traffic, and which ones dry up your budgets without having anything to show for it? 

ISAP Network is a simple online tool with interactive call-processing options and many helpful features for advanced marketing analytics. It is designed for companies that seek an affordable instrument to improve their overall performance, cut unnecessary spendings, facilitate business operations across every department, and ensure their customers are perfectly content with the services they provide. 

How does ISAP Network's call analytics software assist businesses?

A safe way to see which of your marketing and advertising efforts  bring in the most inbound phone call traffic is to employ a capable call tracking analytics solution by ISAP Network. One feature, in particular, that you should be interested in when using the ISAP Network product is: Inbound Analytics Smart Scoring. 

SmartScoring is a function that helps track your traffic and communications more successfully. You or your managers can use this feature to tag incoming calls and web form requests with specific keywords, segment these by key phrases to analyze which channels your customers are using to find your company, and draw on such findings to re-adjust your advertising and marketing strategies for maximum spend efficiency.

As soon as the phone call with the customer is over, all key information on it will appear ion ISAP Network's call center analytics dashboard. Here you can see who the call came from, which channel was used, and what call center scenario was applied. By using the SmartScoring call center analytics tool, you can tag conversations with specific operators or managers and get back to them whenever you want to assess the progress your employees are making.

Where can SmartScoring by ISAP Network help most?

SmartScoring is an a functionality that makes work a lot easier for many employees across various departments. Here are just a few examples of how it can benefit your company:

  • SmartScoring helps traffic and lead gen managers do their work more effectively.

Not knowing where your best leads are coming from is like hoping to win a game whose rules, requirements, or even the exact number of players are kept secret. To be effective in your marketing efforts, you need to clearly understand which channels generate incoming calls and requests with the highest conversion rate. 

SmartScoring can help you with this by segmenting all calls and requests according to the specific criteria set by you. You will see plain as day which marketing channels should be funded more generously and which spends can be cut.

  • SmartScoring helps improve your employees’ performance and compliance.

SmartScoring helps ensure your employees comply with the rules and regulations established by you. By tagging your operators’ calls with customers, you can analyze how successful each such conversation was, whether or not your employee used the required words and phrases during it, and how well the customer responded. If needed, you can take quick action soon after the conversation is over.

  • SmartScoring allows you to set your own rules of tagging.

The solution is fully customizable, meaning you can easily adjust its parameters to meet your current business and managing needs. You want to know what causes your customers to behave in a certain way? Do they use the word “expensive” a lot when referring to one of your products? Tag all relevant conversations and analyze patterns.

SmartScoring will help you determine and eliminate the scare-off point for your clients, whether it is a poorly structured selling pitch, an ill-trained customer support manager, or an unreasonably high price tag. Whichever it is, your customers will help you fix it without even realizing it!